3 Affordable Middle Range Spas in Bali

Who doesn’t enjoy a fantastic spa which takes all the strain from your muscles and makes you feel as if you had been reborn? And that has not had the experience of feeling all of your anxiety come back as you empty your pockets in the counter? If you are following a lavish spa experience that is not stressful for your purse, you will not have an issue in Bali, where there is undoubtedly a spa for everyone.

This tiny island has everything from inexpensive to lavish spas, and – wait around for its spas which are as extravagant and value for money at the same time! Do not believe us? Check out our specially curated listing of range luxury spas in Bali which are worth every penny!

Exotic hot tub in Wonderland – Udara Spa for a one-hour Traditional Balinese Massage).

Experience Wonderland in its calming form, where spiritual tree roots along with magical animal figurines encircle the cold and hot plunge pools and relaxation cave. The herbal steam sauna comes along with colorful glass balls shiny on the wall – how cool is that? Udara Spa also provides a Water Recovery therapy, where a therapist easily supports and stretches your system while you float into their warm Water Watsu pool. Can not wait to try these out? Just remember to make a booking one day before your visit!

Escape to pure nature – Mangrove Spa for a one-hour Traditional Balinese Massage).

Picture a mangrove swamp on your head – do you see yourself worried that a crocodile might come up to the surface? Mangrove Spa will diminish your worry and change your perspective about mangrove swamp once and for all! This hot tub is designed to integrate the peaceful atmosphere of swamps in their massage remedies. Once you sit at our gazebos while watching the clear blue water and the sounds of nature echoing in your ears, you will definitely start to think of mangroves differently! Located in a luxury resort within The West Bali National Park, getting here will take 4 hours to drive out of South Bali. If you are planning for a getaway in the heart of nature, this is the place to be!

A royal experience unlike any other – Prana Spa for a one-hour Signature Body Massage).

Always wanted to pamper yourself like a king or queen? Step into your crowns in Prana Spa, where you will be spoiled with lavish Moroccan inspired architecture and decadent spa treatments from the Luxurious Private Suite. If you have never had 24K Gold and real pearl powder implemented on your skin, now’s the time to take the jump into imperial luxury. Do not worry if you are not in extravagance – you may still indulge in a dairy bath or their signature massage. In Prana Spa, the simplest treatment may take your breath away.

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