3 Interesting Things to Do in Batam

Most of us have likely traveled to Batam before, as a brief weekend escape an hour ferry ride from Singapore. In there, you are mostly chilling at your beach resort, shopping at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, indulging in a fish lunch, heading for massages and having a go at fun water activities from the beach like kayaking and riding on the banana boat.

But if you think that’s about Batam, you can’t be more wrong.

If you haven’t know more places to go, we’re likely to bring you around all these hidden areas in Batam you never knew existed!

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1. Opt for a unique glamping adventure at Ranoh Island

We’ve heard of glamping adventures in Bali but little did we know that Batam has them also! If you’re looking for a unique experience in Batam, although not very ready for some die-hard camping and all its tough things, we would highly advise you to provide this glamping a try.

Located at the south of mainland Batam, Ranoh Island is where you can experience barefoot luxury away from technology, sound, stress, demands, and duties.

The island can be close Pulau Abang — a famous spot for snorkelers as it uncovers a magical underwater world. The entire travel from Singapore to Ranoh Island will take you about 4 hours (including all ferry and boat transfers in addition to traditions in Batam).

You will find tons of actions at Ranoh Island so that’s why we’d recommend you to stay overnight rather than drop by for only a day excursion. Besides snorkeling, you will also have access to other water-activities like kayaking and banana boat in addition to their exciting giant waterpark which sitting smack-bang from the ocean!

2. Ever been to a swimming pool in Canggu, Bali? This is one in Batam: SENSE Coffee & Pool

We all love a good hipster place with unique Instagram-worthy stains and great dishes, so don’t we?

This whimsical cafe in Batam brings you a piece of what is average in Bali. Come here and revel in an envy-inducing pool, rustic interiors, and favorite dishes (yes, smoothie bowls are part of the menu too!).

And if you’re in for something a bit less healthy (it’s okay, you’re in your vacation after all!) As for dessert, do not miss their waffle bites topped with melting strawberry ice-cream! We bet you’ll stay for coffee too!

3. Bounce on a floating waterpark: Sea Forest Adventure

Would you need to play in a waterpark that’s floating directly on the sea like this one?

This is part of Sea Forest Adventure, a unique themed recreational place where you can unleash your inner child.

Here, you can experience nature, adventure, and survival science, together with 4 key sections that you explore — the amassing facility, Glamp Camp, Rain Forest, and Water Planet.

And this floating waterpark is Water World, located just around 100 meters away from the Palm Spring shore. You can bounce, climb, slide, and roam around this lovely playground for kids and adults alike!

Don’t be concerned about security — you will be given a life vest, and the team will brief you about what to expect before you start your playtime. There’ll be fun and amenities coming into Water World such as a floating bar, cliff bar, concealed shore, and other fascinating watersports. It’s time to taste this floating waterpark before everyone else!

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