4 Best Meditation Places in Bali

Quoting an influential global Indian spiritual leader, Sri Chinmoy, meditation is one form of dynamism of the inner peace. Meditation is quite useful to attain anything significant for human’s inner and outer life. Among the best actions to devote vacation is through yoga or meditation. It is a meaningful activity to calm people mind and great for health as well.

There are many areas to do meditation. Nevertheless, the paradise for meditation is Bali, Indonesia. In addition to being famous for its tourist location, there are many areas of meditation in Bali for tourists and the local people.

1. Ubud Yoga House

The place is located far from the crowded and hidden in the middle of the rice fields. Ubud Yoga House is a romantic and tranquil yoga studio in the Abangan region.

The place is clean, stylishly decorated and offer qualified equipment. The consumer can also be equipped with a fantastic and peaceful view of the area.

Everybody is given a separate space to the clinic. The classes are small, which makes it more personal and they do an introduction around in the beginning, so the tutor can give individual attention and suggestions to every person.

2. Sunset Yoga

Sunset is the best time to do meditation beside you may also enjoy the Balinese view when the sun is about to go down. The place is located in Niti Mandala Renon, Bali.

Called as sunset biking because the clinic is held around 5 till 6 pm, therefore, this sunset yoga is quite suitable for those who work during daylight to unwind themselves.

3. Yoga Woosky

Regarded as among the best meditation areas in Bali, this place unlocks 75-minutes yoga class every Saturday morning to 8.15 am and sixty minutes energizing Sunset yoga session each Sunday day five to half an hour.

The classes are held at the rooftop terrace of Woosky. It gives beautiful scenery across the lush palm tree gardens of W Bali Seminyak and the crashing waves of the beach. The consumer is billed at approx. 15US$.

4. The Yoga Barn

The Yoga Barn is located in the Pengosekan highway of Ubud, Bali. The yoga barn gives a relaxed setting in the form of a stretch of rice fields, supplying a calmness which is appropriate for yoga relaxation and self-meditation. Besides, the wooden air will refresh your mind because you’ll seem like being close to nature.

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